Sales Commissions

During my internship at Odoo, I had the opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of their Sales and Invoicing app by developing a specialized Sales Commission extension. This project aimed to streamline the commission calculation process, providing a seamless experience for sales teams and ensuring accurate compensation based on their performance.

Hazen Portal mHealth Application

As part of a SUNY Brockport research project, our team built the Hazen Health Portal's SwiftUI frontend. We designed an intuitive interface for health info, appointments, and resources. We implemented a SQL database schema and triggers to enhance the Hazen Health Portal. The upcoming student team will adapt and optimize this architecture using Firebase for iOS compatibility.

RFID Population Tracker

Simulates RFID behavior to monitor & manage museum visitors. Real-time data, insights, user-friendly interface. Developed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MongoDB. Developed within a 12-hour timeframe during the Seneca One Hackathon in Buffalo, NY, an event hosted by TechBuffalo.